The Next Quiet Voice, A Memoir


On her journey to near stardom in the music business, Monica Madrid wound up a broke and demoralized alcoholic. Through the twists and turns of a colorful life, she rubbed elbows with Prince, Rick James, and other artists and was in a musical battle with Tupac Shakur. She came close to fulfilling her childhood dream, but once it was stripped from her grasp, her path led to money and prestige—and broken relationships. Monica’s story is one of loss, love, and redemption. Her quest for fame and fortune would turn into a passion for recovery, in which she would discover something she never wanted—spiritual freedom.


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Note from Monica...

Just over a year ago, I found myself writing with a fury. Reliving the darkest days of my life, reliving the days that made me the happiest. Tears streaming down my face ready to share the raw truth with the world. After countless hours of deciding to add or delete, going as deep as I possibly could, I have ended up with over 84,000 words in hopes it will help others in their daily life whether they suffer from addiction, know someone who is, or those who just struggle with life itself. 

This book is for everyone! For Prince fans, music lovers, the LGBTQ community, people who have experienced a huge loss in their life. Anyone who suffered emotionally, financially. The list goes on and on. If you want to read about redemption and a colorful life. After reading this book you may have found what you are looking for...

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